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Proposition 5

Teachers are members of learning communities (NBPTS, 1989)


Collaboration is a major element necessary to properly prepare students for careers.  This collaboration involves more than just work with business and industry, which in itself is a vital component.  The included video describes the wide variety of ways in which Husson and NESCom collaborate with the community, schools, businesses, employers, and other organizations.  This is only possible through the joint efforts and support of the administration, staff, faculty, and most importantly, the students.  When we collaborate, we all work together.  This is an essential part of Proposition 5.


This video was created to be a snapshot of a larger analysis into how Husson, and more specifically NESCom, works in collaboration with the community.  It is the mission of our programs to prepare students for success in their education and careers.  That is not possible without the different types of partnerships referenced in the video.  You cannot effectively train students for success in the 21st century without aligning your programs, curricula, and outcomes with what the community and industry demand.  That sort of collaboration results in improved student learning.  This video represents the collaborative efforts epitomized by Proposition 5.